Build a Car Dealer website with WordPress – Part Two

This tutorial assumes you’ve already read “Build a Car Dealer website with WordPress – Part One“.

If you haven’t then you should pop over there and give it a read or just look at this quick summary and determine if you need to look at it.

In Part One;

We installed a theme, installed Car Demon, changed a few settings, put in our first car, added some menu items and some widgets.

We created a very basic website without a lot of content.

In part two we’re going to focus on refining the site and making Big City Mike, the pretend Dealership that we’re setting up our tutorial with, as happy as we can. Let’s pretend Big city Mike has a parts department, a service department, a finance department and a full sales staff. They need a lot of things done on their new website and we’re going to do our best to make them happy.

Car Demon comes with several short codes we can use to add content to our pages.


Forms Short Codes

* How do I add a form as a button that pops open the form in a light box?

By setting the popup_id argument to a unique value you tell Car Demon to simply add a button to the page that opens your form in a popup lightbox.

The popup_button argument allows you to customize what the button says.

For Example [part_request popup_id=”1″ popup_button=”Request Parts”] this would create a button that says “Request Parts” which opens the parts request form in a popup lightbox.

These may be used with the following shortcodes; contact_us, part_request, service_form & service_quote

You can visit “Dashboard->Cars for Sale->Car Demon Settings” and scroll to the bottom for some buttons that will create your form pages and add the basic short code for the form.


I clicked on each of the buttons and added pages for each one. Then I added links to them on my menu.

You’ll want to make sure you visit “Dashboard->Cars for Sale->Contact Settings” and fill in all the contact information for each form you use.


Car Demon is capable of advanced form routing and can be set to send forms to different locations to different people. For example you can create two different parts departments or two used car departments. This can be handy for large automotive groups with multiple locations that have a single site they focus their branding on.

Car Demon also allows you to add users to your site that can switch out contact information and adjust where forms are directed all based on an affiliate style url key. This allows a each member of a sales team to share links to the website that contain their Name, phone number and directs certain forms straight to them. This can encourage your sales team to share links from your site and gives them the satisfaction of earning new leads from your website in exchange for actively advertising it on their social media accounts and on other digital properties.

If you have a CRM system that accepts ADFxml emil attachments then you can point your emails to them and turn on the ADFxml form feature.

Go to “Dashboard->Cars For Sale->Car Demon Settings” go to “Forms”


Turn on ADFxml and adjust other settings as needed.

The finance forms are built to disable themselves if they’re loaded without SSL. If they aren’t loaded with encryption then the forms should disable and show and alert. If you would like to load these pages and test them without SSL you can change the SSL setting here to “No”. We strongly encourage you to leave this to “Yes” and let you know various laws may prohibit the collection of some information without encryption protection.