Car Demon Settings Explored

We want to take a quick minute and just look at the Car Demon Settings Page and give a quick explanation of each section.

If you have questions about a feature, need clarification or a more in-depth understanding then leave a comment at the bottom of the page.

As Car Demon changes and grows we’ll update this page and as we post more information on specific features we’ll come back here and link to the information. This will create a centralized area to explore the settings page.

1. Currency Options

The first set of options is fairly straight forward. If you’re in the US you’ll leave these at their defaults, but if you’re located elsewhere then you’ll want to make the changes needed to fit your circumstance.


2. VinQuery Options

To use the included VinQuery decode function you’ll need to sign up for a VinQuery Account. We’re not associated with VinQuery and only provide this functionality because we believe “Content is King” and their service does a pretty good job of delivering the information.


3. Style Options

The basic Car Demon install was designed as neutral as possible. This is to make it as easy as possible to adjust the look and feel of the vehicles and forms.

You may be best served by playing with these settings to get exactly what you’re looking for.


4. Tab Options

You can completely customize the vehicle tabs, including hiding them altogether.


When you click on the “Edit vehicle Option Tabs” button you’ll be taken to a page where you can edit all the items that show on the tabs.


 6. List Options

You vehicle list pages can be modified in this section. The “Display before listings” option will only function if you selected Yes on the “Use included Template” files option.


Auto load inventory

Car Demon has the ability to keep loading inventory as the page scrolls down. In order for this to work properly with your theme it is necessary for you to enter some settings from your theme. You may need to add the Car Demon vehicle results Widget to your page, this will give you a navigation container you can use.


6b. Other List Options

There are several other options for your vehicle lists. Each of the options is fairly explanatory and can be adjusted as desired to meet your needs.


7. Form Options

In order for your forms to function properly you need to make sure you set up your Contact Information. If you don’t do that first then none of these options will really do anything.

Car Demon was designed to handle simple and complex form routing to give you a powerful tool to make sure leads are passed off to the correct person.

form_options8. Mobile Options

In almost all cases you’re going to leave this set to No. This feature flags a Car Demon option that can be used by Mobile Themes and PlugIns to provide a custom experience.

mobile_options9. Short Codes

Car Demon comes with several Short Codes to handle displaying forms and information. You can learn more about the options/arguments they have in the FAQ.

For example: Did you know you can insert a form into a page as just a button that pops open the form in a light box? It’s in the FAQ, check it out.

short_codes   certified_support