Car Demon Shortcodes

The Car Demon PlugIn comes with several shortcodes that you can use to add Car Demon content to your pages.

The code for them can be found in plugins/car-demon/includes/car-demon-shortcodes.php

The first set of shortcodes are for the forms that come with Car Demon.

If you look on the bottom of the Car Demon settings page you’ll see a list of them along with some buttons you can use to create a page with the basic shortcode dropped in.


The shortcodes for the forms have several arguments you can use with them to control how they’re displayed.

send_to – set this to the location name in Car Demon Settings
popup_id – if you set this to a number or a single word name it will hide the form and replace it with a button that pops opens the form into a lightbox. If you want to include multiple forms in a page then just make sure you give each of them a unique popup_id.
popup_button – this will change the text of the popup button if you have set a popup_id for the form.

So if you used [contact_us popup_id=”1″ popup_button=”Email Us Now”] it will add a button to your page that says “Email Us Now” and will pop open the contact form when clicked.

If you had a location named “Bill’s Cars” and a location named “Sam’s Cars” and you wanted to create a popup service form for each of them on the same page you’d add the following shortcodes

[service_quote send_to=”Bill’s Cars” popup_id=”1″ popup_button=”Get a Service Quote from Bill”]
[service_quote send_to=”Sam’s Cars” popup_id=”2″ popup_button=”Get a Service Quote from Sam”]

Other Shortcodes

People often ask if there is a shortcode to insert inventory into any page. You can do this with our Advanced Search PlugIn – it lets you put a dynamic json driven inventory into any page.

There are a few other shortcodes that come with the Free Car Demon PlugIn that you might find handy.




[search_form] – comes with one argument, “size”. If you set it to “0” it will return the small narrow search form, set it to “1” it will give you the small wide search form and if you set it to “2” it will give you the full search form.

So to add a full sized search form to a page you’d add [search_form size=”2″].

[search_box] – adds a keyword vehicle search box to your page. Setting the argument “button” you can control what the buttons says. Setting the argument “message” will change the text that appears in front of the search form.

This [search_box button=”Search Cars” message=”Search by Keyword”] would create a search box that says “Search by Keyword” right before it and a button that says “Search Cars”.


The [highlight_staff staff_id=”1″] shortcode must be used with the staff_id argument. You must create a user for each staff person, make them subscribers. After you create them visit their edit user page and fill in all of the Car Demon settings, including their staff position and contact information. You can also use the argument ‘contact_button’ to change what the contact form button says.

The last shortcode is [staff_page] this will display the entire staff in their corporate order. ie. General Manager first, Sales Staff below. It follows the order of the staff positions given on the user profile pages.

We hope this helps you understand the shortcodes native to the Car Demon PlugIn and will give you a few ideas on how you can structure your pages and content.

You can check out our commercial PlugIns for Car Demon to learn about other shortcodes and features they can give you.