Changing Vehicle Options and Labels

Let’s say you want to change some of the default vehicle options. Instead of¬†Stock # you want it called just stock and instead of mileage you want it to say miles and since you only sell Buick’s you want to hide the made.

Car Demon has several robust features that let you customize vehicle options and labels.

First go to your Car Demon’s settings page and find the Tab Options. Now click on the “Edit Vehicle Option Tabs” button.

Tab options button

You’ll see a section for each of the tabs. Expand the Specs Tab and you’ll find options for renaming standard¬†fields or even hiding them.

You’ll also see a section where you can add or remove non-standard¬†options.

Edit Car Demon Tabs

You can add or remove additional groups for each tab. If you open the Safety Tab you’ll see it has several groups of options.

You can add or remove groups as needed. If you remove a group or option from a group it doesn’t remove that information for the vehicle if it’s been set. If you recreate a group with the same name and add the same list of options then Car Demon will show the data on the vehicle again.

Car Demon Tabs

After you update your information your options should appear on the vehicle edit screen and be reflected on the vehicles.

We hope this post gives you a little more information on how you can customize Car Demon to fit your needs.