Version 1.4.0 has been released

We’ve now released version 1.4.0 of the Car Demon PlugIn.

This version has a couple long awaited features, including the ability to change the default URL of your vehicle listings! That’s right, you can now change to something something else like or

Car Demon Custom URL Option

We’ve also added a few new filters for all you designers and developers out there.

car_demon_single_car_filter – Filter the default single car page
car_demon_display_car_list_filter – Filter the vehicle results loop

These two filters will let you use the default templates and customize their display any way you want.

Here’s a quick example on how to use them:

add_filter('car_demon_single_car_filter', 'my_car_demon_single_car',10,2);
function my_car_demon_single_car($content,$post_id) {
     //= $content contains the default listing, you can add content, replace parts of it or build it completely new!
     //= $post_id is the vehicle's Post ID
     $content = '<h1>This is my new single car page!</h1>';
     $car = car_demon_get_car($post_id);
     // use print_r() to see everything car_demon_get_car returns
     // print_r($car);
     $car_title = $car['title'];
     $content .= $car_title;
     return $content;

The car_demon_display_car_list_filter works the same way as car_demon_single_car_filter and uses the same 2 arguments. Now you have the ability to custom tailor the default templates to make them exactly the way you want without needing to create an entire template page for your theme.

We also made several smaller changes to help improve the code base and make Car Demon more efficient. A full list of all changes for 1.4.0 is below.

Change Log for Version 1.4.0

* The cars-for-sale url slug can now be changed on settings page;
* This means your inventory can now be;
* It also means you can do or something similar
* Added car_demon_single_car_filter so developers can filter default single car pages
* add_filter(‘car_demon_single_car_filter’, ‘my_car_demon_single_car’,10,2);
* add_filter(‘car_demon_display_car_list_filter’, ‘my_car_demon_car_list’,10,2);
* Then to filter add function my_car_demon_single_car($content, $post_id) etc.
* Added Top mobile menu option
* Added snippet to make sure form css and js don’t load on Admin pages
* Replace time and date code on contact form widget to match other forms
* Moved Custom sales affiliate code to only run on front side of site
* Updated days and years variable in finance form
* Changed search form url to get_bloginfo(‘wpurl’);
* Added css class similar_cars_box_title