More than just cars!

Did you know Car Demon can be used for selling a wide variety of vehicle types?

Don’t let the ‘Car’ in Car Demon fool you!

If you sell Boats, RVs, Semi Trucks, Planes or even Rocket Ships then you can use Car Demon.

Car Demon was designed to be a “vehicle sales” PlugIn and isn’t limited to just cars.

Sure, right out of the box everything is setup for your typical Car Dealership but with a few changes to your settings it can be a WordPress PlugIn for Motorcycle Dealerships or ATV Dealerships.

If you’re building a site for any kind of vehicle sales then chances are Car Demon can handle it.

Car Demon Not Cars

We even have an add-on PlugIn designed to help make it even easier; Car Demon Not Cars

You don’t have to have the “Not Cars” PlugIn to sell other vehicle types, but it does include a few extra functions that switch around the verbiage in the admin area so it makes more sense to anyone updating your site.

If you’re building a site for a client then we highly recommend grabbing a copy of Car Demon Not Cars, your client will thank you for it.

How do I use Car Demon for selling other types of vehicles?

We’re glad you asked! The first thing you want to do is change the URL slug under Car Demon settings.

Car Demon Custom URL Option

Let’s say you’re selling boats. Change the slug to something like boats-for-sale. Then re-save your permalinks to update the URL. Now your vehicle listings will appear under

What about vehicle options?

Obviously the vehicle options for cars are different from the options for a boat. So we’ve made it as easy as possible for you to change these options to match your vehicle type.

Go to your Car Demon Settings and look for the button that say “Edit Vehicle Option Tabs”.

Tab options button

On the next page you have the ability to change the labels for the default Specs, or even hide them. You also have the ability to add or remove option groups and even the options themselves.

Car Demon Vehicle Options

Now that you have your options updated to match your vehicle type you should be good to go.

But the Admin area still says Cars For Sale!

Yes it does and this can be annoying or even confusing for anyone updating the vehicles. It just doesn’t feel right and if you’re building a site for a client they might give you a hassle over it.

This is one of the great things the “Car Demon Not Cars” PlugIn can help you with!

After you install it you’ll have an admin area that lets you change the labels in the admin area. Now you have the ability to make the admin menu item say “Boats For Sale” and give your client some peace of mind.

Car Demon Not Cars

What have we learned?

Car Demon is more than just a WordPress PlugIn for car sales.

  1. It’s a WordPress PlugIn for Boats
  2. It’s a WordPress PlugIn for RVs
  3. It’s a WordPress PlugIn for Planes
  4. It’s a WordPress PlugIn for Motorcycles
  5. It”s a WordPress PlugIn for Semi Trucks
  6. It’s a WordPress PlugIn for ATVs
  7. It”s a WordPress PlugIn for Rocket Ships!

If you’re building a website for any kind of vehicle sales then Car Demon should be the first tool in your arsenal.

Car Demon – Wicked Powers for MORE than just Car Dealers!