Car Demon 1.7.0 Released

Car Demon Wicked PowersWe’re proud to announce the release of Car Demon version 1.7.0!

We’ve packed lots of enhancements into this version.

One of the most exciting features are Vehicle Tags. You now have the ability to create¬†tags for your vehicles and then use the new “vehicle_tag” parameter in the [cd_inventory] shortcode to display only vehicles with that tag.

We’ve also added multiple taxonomy support for the shortcode and search query! This means it is now possible to add multiple values to the following fields in the shortcode: year, make, model, condition, body_style, location & vehicle_tag.

For example, let’s say you wanted to show vans and minivans all on the same page using the shortcode. You can now use the following shortcode to do exactly that!

[cd_inventory body_style="van|minivan"]

We’ve also released a new developer’s documentation area with information on all the filters, actions & constants that are currently available. Be sure to check it out:¬†Car Demon Documentation.

Here’s a complete list of all the changes we’ve made since the last public update:

= 1.7.0 =
* Public release version
= 1.6.992 =
* Modified flush rewrite code on activation
* Added CSS classes to the different vehicle options when tabs are used
* Deprecated old filters starting with car_demon_
* All new filters will start with cd_
= 1.6.991 =
* Added patch to resolve Yoast SEO issue
= 1.6.99 =
* Added multiple taxonomy search support for make, model, condition, body style & vehicle tag.
* Multiple taxonomies of the same type can now be added to the shortcode using a pipe | between them.
* Example [cd_inventory make=”ford|gmc”] – this will list all Ford and GMC vehicles
* If year range is searched and the min and max year are the same it will now search the single year and not a false range.
* Added do_actions ‘cd_before_content_srp_action’ & ‘cd_after_content_srp_action’ with parameter $atts
= 1.6.98 =
* Added filter for vehicle title: car_title_filter
= 1.6.97 =
* Added constant CD_DEFAULT_CONDITION. If defined Car Demon will set the defined condition to any vehicle that doesn’t have a condition added.
* By default Car Demon will assign preowned to any vehicle that does not have a condition, unless set by the above constant.
* Fixes Issue #25
* Corrected issue preventing 0 price and 0 mileage from saving by default
* If no stock number is saved then post id is added as stock number.
* If sort by price is disabled the initial sort now defaults to mileage. Fixes Issue #26.
* Added vehicle_tag to cars_for_sale custom post type and query. Fixes Issue #17.
= 1.6.96 =
* Corrected issue with apostrophes in about us tab. Fixes Issue #2.
* Added constant CD_LEGEND_ON_BOTTOM, if defined the option legend will appear on the bottom. Fixes issue #6.
* Added stripslashes_deep to searched by items. Fixes Issue #16
* Added div with clear float to end of VDP. Fixes Issue #23
= 1.6.95 =
* Added filter cd_price_format_filter to allow filtering number format before display
* Added filter cd_nav_filter to allow filtering the vehicle navigation
* Localized sold yes / no field
= 1.6.94 =
* Minor change to finance form handler
* Added cd_single_car_content_filter to allow filtering of vehicle description
* Added cd_pre_specs_filter to allow filtering right before the specs are listed