Car Demon 1.8.0 Released

We’re proud to announce the release of Car Demon version 1.8.0!

This is one of the biggest releases we’ve made in a couple years and we’re excited to give you even more power.

A few of the highlights include new blocks for the Gutenberg editor, a revised Image Gallery on the Front End and a brand new interface on the back to manage vehicle photos. You can view the complete change log below for all the details.

If you’re a developer be sure to check out: the Car Demon Documentation.

Download Car Demon 1.8.0 here!

With any big update there is always a potential for issues. We highly suggest backing up your site before updating and best practices would suggest updating on a staging site before updating on a live site.

If you run into a problem we suggest you use the WP Rollback PlugIn to restore the previous version. Then fill out the contact form and let us know you’ve run into an issue.

For those of you who don’t want to update we’ve release a small add-on that will disable updates for Car Demon. You can download it here: Car Demon Hide Updates.

We have a lot of people to thank for their support during the development of this new release: Bryan Trilli, Greg Trilli, Chika Amechi, Dustin Davidson & Chrissy Fike. A special thanks to Mark Linn for his feedback and expert knowledge in the field of automotive. PropsĀ  to user princyedward for alerting us of potential security issues and helping us keep Car Demon secure. There have been numerous people who have helped us test and try out new items as they’ve been built, suggested features and helped guide us with their opinions, a big thanks to all of you!

Change log for 1.8.0

* NEW: Added Gutenberg block for Vehicle Inventory
* NEW: Added Gutenberg block for Vehicle Search
* NEW: All new tools for managing your vehicle image galleries
* NEW: Added constant CD_USE_IMAGE_LINKS – if defined as true then it turns on the ability to manage 3rd party image URLs in vehicle galleries
* NEW: Added the extended commercial version of jQuery lightgallery to the VDPs:
* NEW: Added constant CD_NO_DUPLICATE_IMAGES – when defined as true it will prevent the same image from being shown more than once per vehicle thumbnail row
* NEW: Added built in pagination function – still supports WP-Pagenavi for increases flexibility
* NEW: Added filter to modify built in pagination apply_filters( ‘cd_page_navi_filter’, $html, $query )
* NEW: Added option in legacy settings to hide Car Demon updates
* Updated: Moved vehicle thumbnail row to dedicated function: cd_thumbnail_row( $post_id, $order = ‘desc’, $main_image_url = ” )
* Updated: Added constant CD_CR_OPTIONS to allow switching off the content replacement functions
* Updated: Added filter function cd_stop_get_attachment_url() to help prevent theme’s from outputing featured images on the VDP
* Updated: Revised JS & minor CSS updates for compare feature – now uses Cookies to save compared vehicles
* Updated: Removed legacy session support
* Updated: Defined constant CD_NO_AFFILIATES as true by default – this disables the sales staff affiliate features unless defined as true in wp-config.php
* FIX: Security updates to correct XSS + CSRF vulnerabilities – props to princyedward!

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