We’ve set up a few demo sites so you can see Car Demon in action.

Each demo site has a small pre-loaded inventory with one photo on each vehicle. Only a minimal amount of information has been added to the inventory, just enough to let you see some of the possibilities.

We’ve seen some sites created by our users that just blow us away. All it takes is a little creativity and you can build a lead generating machine that will leave the competition in the dust.


cd_2011Car Demon Twenty Eleven Demo

This first demo is VERY basic and isn’t meant to look like a real dealership site. It’s designed to show you a very basic install of Car Demon with a limited inventory.


cd_proCar Demon Pro Theme

This demo uses our very own Car Demon Pro Theme and is an excellent example of a more traditional Car Dealership Website.


cd_azraelCar Demon Azrael Theme

The Car Demon Azrael Theme is a more modern flat theme and gives you a nice idea of what you can accomplish with Car Demon.


cd_mammonCar Demon Mammon Theme

The Car Demon Mammon Theme is a true responsive theme with a nice flat design and large easy to read typography.


cd_mammonCar Demon Mobile Pro Theme

The Car Demon Mobile Pro Theme is designed for mobile devices. Use it with a desktop theme and a device detection plugin (like the FREE Word Press Mobile Pack) and deliver this theme to your mobile users. Turn on the mobile settings in Car Demon and you’ll have access to special Widget Area and menu locations to fully customize the mobile experience.


CyberChimps FREE Theme Demos

We’ve also set up  a demo site, CarChimps, to show off Car Demon with the FREE Themes from CyberChimps.com

The CarChimps.com demo is pretty basic. We decided to keep the site as plain and simple as possible so you would be able to switch between the themes and get a basic idea of how Car Demon will look right out of the box.

This demo includes a Theme Switcher that will allow you to switch between the different CyberChimps themes. You can click on the different theme names below:

1. Blox

2. Business lite

3. CyberChimps

4. Eclipse

5. Fine

6. Fresh Lite

7. Neuro

8. Parallax

9. Primo Lite

10. Response

11. iFeature

12. iRibbon