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This filter is used to modify the default capabilities needed to edit or update parts of the vehicle data. By default the capability “edit_posts” is used.

apply_filters( ‘cd_cap_default_settings_filter’, $cap_settings );

add_filter( 'cd_cap_default_settings_filter', 'my_default_caps', 10, 1 );
function my_default_caps( $cap_settings ) {

    $cap_settings['price'] = 'manage_options';

    return $cap_settings;

In the above example we change the capability needed to update the vehicle price to “manage_options” which is generally associated with an Administrator user level. With this change only users with the “manage_options” capability can change prices.

NOTE: This changes the default value in the settings area. This value can still be changed and updated in the settings area by anyone who has access to Car Demon settings.

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