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This filter can be used to modify the email that gets sent when a Car Demon contact form is filled out.

apply_filters( ‘cd_email_body_filter’, $email_body, $type );


$email_body – The current HTML email body.
$type – The form currently being filtered: contact_us, finance, parts, qualify, service_appointment, trade_form, contact_us_vehicle, email_a_friend

add_filter( 'cd_email_body_filter', 'my_email_body', 10, 2 );
function my_email_body( $email_body, $type ) {

    $email_body = 'A new form has been submitted<br />' . $email_body;

    return $email_body;

The above example will add the following phrase to the beginning of all emails sent by the Car Demon contact forms “A new form has been submitted”.

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