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First download a free copy of our core PlugIn: Car Demon

After installing this you should visit the settings page: Dashboard->Cars For Sale->Settings

Read the Welcome tab and then visit the “Startup Guide” tab.

This will walk you through the simplest way to setup Car Demon.

From there you can modify your settings, install add-ons and move on with setting up your site.

You can also view the “Getting Started with Car Demon” FAQ section for more detailed information.

All of our PlugIns & Themes are a one time purchase that include updates for the version number you purchased.

If you’re buying themes or plugins then you don’t need to worry about paying renewal fees or typing in a complicated registration license key or anything like that.

We like to keep things nice and easy so we can give you as much power as possible.

We offer custom support plans to assist our customers one on one for the long term.

If you’re interested then hop by our “Contact Us” page and let us know a little bit about what you’re working on.


Officially we don’t offer refunds.

Generally speaking, people feel pretty satisfied when they use Car Demon.

Check out our testimonials page and see what people are saying about Car Demon.

We want all of our customers to be satisfied!

So if you run into a problem let us know so we can help you along.

If you’re successful then we’re successful.

We’ll do our best to make sure all of our PlugIns and Themes work well and perform as described on their product page.

If you have a question about a product or service then hop over to our contact page and let us know.

It kinda depends on what you need.

Get in touch and let us know more about your project.

Just hop over to our “Contact Us” page and send us a message with details of what you need.

We offer a wide range of custom services for Dealerships, Agencies, Consultants, Developers, Designers and companies that make industry specific software.

Maybe you need custom vehicle layouts designed, custom search forms, an integration with a third party service or help installing and managing dozens or even hundreds of sites.

Perhaps you have a great idea for an add-on or need help building a custom theme.

If you have a project and need professional assistance then reach out and let us know.

We’ll be happy to scope out your project and present you with the best course of action.

Start off by checking the product page for the item(s) you’ve purchased or downloaded, most of them have basic information on how to use them.

If you don’t find what you need then please check the settings page for your PlugIn or Theme and see if you can find the answer there.

You might try looking through our News section, we’ve got some useful information in there.

Don’t forget this FAQ page itself. Your answer might be lurking right here on this page.

If you’re a developer or designer and are looking for ways to build add-ons and theme’s then check out our documentation here.

If none of that helps then let us know, we’ll do our best to point you in the right direction.

You can always visit our contact us page and send us a message. We love hearing from people who are using Car Demon!

We try our absolute best to reply as quickly as possible, but sometimes we just plain get busy building fancy new tools for everyone.

So please give us 24-48 hours to get back to you. We’ll try and get back to you a lot quicker than that, but if it does take a bit then kindly accept our gratitude for your patience.

Please should note that we typically only provide support on a single install. If you think you might need assistance with multiple installs then we respectfully request you consider purchasing additional copies to help cover the support costs. You could also shoot us a message on our contact us page and tell us a little bit about what you want to accomplish. If you’re building lots of automotive sites then let us know, we can help get you up and running with Car Demon in a pinch.

All of our PlugIns and Theme are released with a GPL v2.0 license, which means you can install them on as many sites as you’d like.

You don’t need extra licenses to install any of our PlugIns or Themes on any additional websites.

We should note that we typically only provide support on a single install. If you think you might need assistance with multiple installs then we respectfully request you consider purchasing an additional copy to help cover the support costs.

Now go forth and build lots and lots of vehicle sales websites!

Help spread Car Demon around the World!
Help spread Car Demon around the World!

We would love to have assistance translating Car Demon!

Please visit our website and fill out a contact request form and let us know if you’d like to help translate Car Demon.

You can also visit our page on translating Car Demon:

Translators receive special discounts, ask for details!

Yes it does!

We are always working on improving the Car Demon documentation.

If you have questions, ideas or generally want to talk about Car Demon then visit our “Contact Us” page and let us know.

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Getting Started with Car Demon

First download a free copy of our core PlugIn: Car Demon

After installing this you should visit the settings page: Dashboard->Cars For Sale->Settings

Read the Welcome tab and then visit the “Startup Guide” tab.

This will walk you through the simplest way to setup Car Demon.

From there you can modify your settings, install add-ons and move on with setting up your site.

You can also view the “Getting Started with Car Demon” FAQ section for more detailed information.

First you have to turn it on in your Car Demon settings, under list options.

This enables a checkbox on each vehicle so it can be marked by your visitors to be compared.

But that’s just half the game, you still need to add the “Compare Vehicles” widget to one of your sidebars.

This widget displays the vehicles the selected to compare and has a button they can click which will open a lightbox with all their vehicles in it.


If your theme doesn’t offer the option to disable comments on a “custom post type” basis then you can add something like this to your theme’s functions.php file and it’ll disable them on your single vehicle pages:

add_action( ‘init’, ‘remove_custom_post_comment’ );
function remove_custom_post_comment() {
remove_post_type_support( ‘cars_for_sale’, ‘comments’ );

Price displays are controlled by the location settings.

If you will kindly go to Dashboard->Cars For Sale->Locations you should see a location named “Default”.

When editing the “Default” location you’ll see options to show or hide prices for both new and used vehicles.

If you only have a single location we suggest leaving it named “Default”.

Car Demon was designed to use the “Default” location for any vehicle that doesn’t have a location assigned to it.

So by leaving it named “Default” you’ll avoid needing to assign a location to each vehicle.

Give this a try and if you’re still having an issue let us know.

Depending on your theme you may need to install the wp-page-navi PlugIn.

The Car Demon PlugIn looks for the existing page navigation with specific id tags and uses those as an indicator for when the page has ended and which set of vehicles to load next.

You have 2 ways to view your vehicles.

  1. Enter the shortcode [cd_inventory] into a page, save it and then view the page.
  2. You should now be able to go to http://my_site/cars-for-sale and see a list of all your vehicles.

If your single vehicle pages produce a 404 error then go to Dashboard->Settings->Permalinks.

Add this as a custom permalink; /%postname%/%post_id%

Now click save. Cross your fingers and your single vehicle pages should now load.

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Car Demon PlugIn

If a vehicle doesn’t have a price then the default vehicle description will be used.
You can edit the default vehicle description by going to:
    Dashboard->Cars For Sale->Locations
    Edit the “Default” location (but don’t rename it)
    You’ll find a “Default Vehicle Description” field that you can edit.
    This field is used on any vehicle that doesn’t have a description.
You can change the default “No Price” value for $0 (or blank) priced vehicles by going to:
    Dashboard->Cars For Sale->Locations
    Edit the “Default” location (do not rename it)
    Scroll down near the bottom of the location settings and you’ll find options for changing that for New & Used
You can change the price label by going to:
    Dashboard->Cars For Sale->Settings
    Click on the settings tab
    Scroll to the “Vehicle Options” section and expand it by clicking on it
    In that area you can change several labels, including the price labels.

If they’re being manually uploaded or if they’re being full imported then you can use the WordPress “Media Gallery” to sort them.

The fastest way to get there is to click the “Add Media” button above the content editor.

When that loads you’ll see two drop downs on the “Media Library” tab. In the first drop down select “Uploaded to this post”.

When they load you can move them around in any order you want and it should save the order as you move them.

The easiest way is to purchase our Pro Shortcode PlugIn 😉

You can also leverage a variety of PHP filters to change your inventory templates.

Check our developer’s page for more information.

Make sure you update your permalinks to /%postname%/%post_id% this should resolve most issues with using custom taxonomies.

Yes, Car Demon uses several custom taxonomies; condition, body_style, vehicle_year, make, model and location.

These can be used to create pages containing vehicle categories, for example;

Let’s say you want to provide links to all the different body styles, to link to all of the coupes in inventory you would create a link to http:/ to link to all trucks it would be http:/

You can use the same logic to leverage the other custom taxonomies as well.

By default Car Demon will display vehicles titles as Year Make Model Stock #, the title field is currently only used for descriptive purposes on the back end.

Please make sure you add an “Asking Price” to your vehicles.

If you don’t wish the price to be seen you can select “Do Not Show Prices” on the contact settings page.

If you add ?sales_code=0 to the url for your site it will remove the cookie that stores the sales persons affiliate information and will restore the site to normal lead routing.

All links in the email they recieve will contain the affiliate link, so the original sales person will still receive any future contacts from their friend. This is especially handy if a sales person wants to email a car to a potential customer. If the sales person is viewing the site with their own affiliate link then any vehicle they email to a customer with the “Email a Friend” feature will contain all of their contact info.

On each user profile page there is a segment called “Advanced Sales Information”, the custom URL can be used by the sales person to customize the site with their information. “Under Custom Site Leads” you’ll need to put a check next to each type of form they should receive. If you have multiple locations you can also decide if they should receive leads for just their location or for all locations.

For example, let’s say we have a sales person name Bill. He only sells new cars and has permission to bid on trades, but doesn’t have permission to work finance. You would check the “New Car Sales” and “Trade” boxes. Bill will now receive all “New Car” & “Trade” contact forms from anyone who entered the site using his affiliate link. His name and phone number will also appear on all new vehicle pages.

The querystring for the affiliate link can be used on almost any page. Simply add it to the end of the url and you’re set.

You’ll need to add them as users to the website, you can make them subscribers if you’d like.

On their profile page you’ll see a section labeled “Extra Profile Information”, add a photo (120×120 suggested), a job title, a location and then click a radio button that matches their duties.

Click save and you should now see them listed on your staff page.

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Car Demon PlugIn Forms

Two new optional arguments have been added to several of the form shortcodes; popup_id and popup_button.

These may be used with the following shortcodes; contact_us, part_request, service_form & service_quote At this time they are NOT available for; trade or finance_form

By setting the popup_id argument to a unique value you tell Car Demon to simply add a button to the page that opens your form in a popup lightbox. The popup_button argument allows you to customize what the button says.

For Example [part_request popup_id=”1″ popup_button=”Request Parts”] this would create a button that says “Request Parts” which opens the parts request form in a popup lightbox.

The contact form shortcode, [contact_us], has an argument of “send_to” that accepts a single email address.

If you set this argument in your shortcode it will hide the drop down and send the contact form to the address you supplied. Exp. [contact_us send_to=””]

You will need to set the location argument for your form shortcodes to the form’s contact name entered under the default location. Exp. [part_request location=”Default Part Name”], this will hide the location radio buttons.

Shortcodes can be used without arguments and will display a radio selection to determine the location to send the form.

Shortcodes for [part_request], [service_request], [service_quote], [trade] & [finance_form] now have the optional argument “location” added to them.

The location argument accepts the name assigned to that form for the location you wish to send the form to and hides the radio selection.

For example, let’s say you have a location called “Our Used Car Lot” and you have two different part departments, one that handle domestic vehicle parts and one that handles imported vehicle parts.

You will need to create 2 locations “Our Used Car Lot Domestic” and “Our Used Car Lot Imports”, under contact settings you would enter a different name for Parts under both locations, ie “Domestic Parts” & “Import Parts”.

You can now use the part_request shortcode on two different pages and route each one to the correct department. Exp. [part_request location=”Domestic Parts”] and [part_request location=”Import Parts”]

You do this on the “Contact Settings Page” under “Cars for Sale”.

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