Car Demon Pro Sort


Provide the ability to sort your vehicles by any registered data field.



Our Pro Sort add-on gives you the power to fully control your vehicle sorting options.

You can add any registered vehicle field as a sort option. Sort by price, by mileage, date added, year, make, model, MPG, color, engine and more!

Change the default vehicle sorting with up to 3 levels. For example, you can have your vehicles sort by date added and then sub-sort by make which can then be sub-sorted by model.

Let’s say you’re building an RV site and want the ability to sort by the number of bunks. No problem!

How about building a boat site and you want to sort by length? Just add that as a field to sort by and you’re good to go.

This add-on combines the ascending and descending options into a single drop down. It also gives you the ability to edit the text for each option.

If you need a way to control your sorting options then this is the PlugIn you need.


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