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Add an advanced vehicle search form to your site!

Make it fast and easy for your visitors to find their next vehicle and improve visitor retention rates.

The more visitors you retain the higher your lead generation, which means more sales!

Pick which fields to show or hide, change labels and buttons.

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The Pro Search Form is fast, dynamic and very flexible.


Use either the shortcode or the included widget to display your form.

  1. Choose which fields to show and which fields to hide.
  2. Change field labels, button text
  3. Drop down fields are tied together, select a Model and the Make field updates, select a body style and all fields update, etc.
  4. Speeds up page loads times by pre-caching search data into a json file

The Pro Search Form V2 can be used to search on any Car Demon field;

Location, Condition, Make, Model, Body Style, Year Range, Mileage Range, Price Range or any vehicle option.

Make it fast and easy for your visitors to find their next vehicle and improve visitor retention rates. The more visitors you retain on your site the higher your lead generation.

Displaying your form

Your form can be displayed with either a widget or with the shortcode [pro_search].
You can use the following parameters with the shortcode;

  • [title] => Search
  • [custom_class] => cd_closed //= add a custom CSS class to your form
  • [form_action] => //= change the form “action” to a specific url.
  • [label_reset] => Reset Filters
  • [submit_label] => Search Now
  • [field_map] => Used to change the order of the fields. Separate each field with a pipe |.

You can also use field specific parameters – enter the field slug, then put it’s options inside quotes and separated by commas:

  • label => Trim Level
  • field_name => trim_level
  • type=> select, checkbox or range
  • yes_no => 0 or 1 (if 1 then this field will become a yes/no field)
  • value => The default value you wish to use
  • dynamic => 0 or 1 (if 1 then this field will update based on other field selections)
  • filter_by => 0 or 1 (if 1 then this field will filter other fields in the form)
  • self_filter 0 or 1 ( if 1 this field will filter itself)

[pro_search form_action=”” custom_class=”my_form_class” field_map=”location|body_style” body_style=”label=Class,type=checkbox”]

This would create a search form that has location &¬† body style as the first two elements. The label for the body style has been changed to “Class” and each body style will be displayed as a checkbox, lastly the form has a custom CSS class of “my_form_class”.

You can also call the search form function directly in your template:


$settings needs to be an associative array using the fields listed above under “Displaying your form”.
$settings = array (“title” = > “My Title”);

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Car Demon Pro Search Style Two Open With Filtered Results

Compatible with Car Demon 1.5.8 and up


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