Car Demon Template Builder


Do you want to customize your vehicle layouts?

Need a way to have full control on exactly what gets output and where?

Then you’re looking for the Car Demon Template Builder!



Do you want to customize your vehicle layouts?

Need a way to have full control on exactly what gets output and where?

Then you’re looking for the Car Demon Template Builder!

Edit the existing templates or design your own VDP & SRP templates using HTML, JS & CSS. Create separate designs for Desktop & Mobile.

Not only can you completely redesign the listing templates (SRPs) and the single vehicle pages (VDPs) but you can also design templates for the random vehicle widget and shortcode, similar vehicle widget and shortcode, our Featured Vehicles add-on, our Keyword Search add-on, Pro Compare add-on and more!

Default templates for the SRP & VDP are included, just go to Dashboard->Cars For Sale->Templates, then click on General Settings and look for the “Import Default Templates” button.

Pro Tips:

You can force the SRP template by leveraging the template_id parameter for the [cd_inventory] shortcode.
Example: [cd_inventory template_id=”4356″] where the template id is the “post id” for the template.

This means you can display different layouts on different pages. You can use this for split testing or for highlighting different features for different types of vehicles.

There are 2 additional parameters you may use with the [cd_inventory] shortcode when you install the Template Builder:
switch_style & pro_sort

If switch_style is true (ie. [cd_inventory switch_style=true]) then an icon will appear at the top of the inventory.
This icon opens a drop down with options for: Full, List & Grid
Clicking one of these will add the corresponding CSS class to any element with the class srp-item.
This gives you the ability to create a full, list & grib view for your SRP templates.

If the pro_sort parameter is true (ie. [cd_inventory pro_sort=true]) then a new sort icon will appear above the inventory.
This sort greatly expands the sorting options available to Car Demon.You may adjust the sorting options with the filter cdtb_sort_links_filter. It accepts to parameters: $links & $atts.
Your filter function should return a valid array for $links

Split Test your VDP Designs!

If you send someone to a link with the querystring parameter “vid” and it is equal to the post id of a VDP template then it will force that user to see that template.

For example: would force a user to see VDP template 9874 when visiting a single vehicle page.

You can change the querystring parameter that triggers this by defining it with the CDTB_VDP_VAR constant in your wp-config.php file.

Example: define( “CDTB_VDP_VAR”, “my_vdp_parameter”); – This will trigger the VDP using my_vdp_parameter as the query parameter that triggers forcing a VDP template on a visitor.

Adding the lightbox to a VDP

Use the {thumbnail_row} tag in your template, then enter the following javascript:

$( “.cd_thumbnail_row”).lightGallery({

It’s that easy! Now go click on one of your images from the thumbnail row and checkout the awesome new gallery.

What kind of designs can you create?

That depends on you. You’ll have full control of the output so your templates is only limited by your imagination and skill. You’ll be amazed when you see the power the Template Builder gives you.

Wicked powers for wicked designers!

Need a hand building your custom templates?

We’d love to help! Send us a message on our contact page and we’ll work with you to make your design ideas a reality.



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