Car Demons Drop Down Comments


Add a drop down comment box / contact form to your Car Demon Website.

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Add a drop down comment box / contact form to your Car Demon Website. This unobtrusive form slides right onto your page when the mouse slides over or you can set it to only open when clicked.

See it in action on our Samples Demo


You have the ability to customize the form and collect as much information or as little information as you want.

Quickly and easily turn off fields or turn them on. Change the title, the icon and even the field labels. You can also choose to slide it in from the top or bottom.

When your visitor views a single vehicle page the form will pre-populate with that car as the Vehicle of Interest. The VOI field also includes a keyword search that displays a drop down list of vehicles when you type.

Car Demon Drop In Comment Box

You can even include a vehicle of interest field that will perform a keyword search on your inventory and allow your visitor to select a vehicle and if they’ve landed on a vehicle page it will auto-populate that vehicle right into the form.

If your Car Demon install is configured to send ADFxml forms then you can rest assured knowing that this PlugIn does too. All your contacts can go directly into your CRM for proper follow up and keeping missed opportunity a problem only your competitors have to worry about.

Car Demon Drop In Comment Box Settings