Car Demons MailChimp Integration


Integrate your Car Demon forms directly with MailChimp.

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Do you love MailChimp?

Integrate your Car Demon forms directly with your MailChimp account.

Select which forms add subscribers to your lists. You can add parts and service forms to your Service List and Finance leads to your Finance list. Mail Chimps makes it easy to keep multiple lists and you just tell Car Demon which one’s to subscribe them too.

Car Demon Mail Chimp Opt In

Adds a newsletter opt-in box on forms unless you select “Skip Double Opt In” then everyone who fills out the form gets added to the list you select.

Collect each and every email and take advantage of one of the best newsletter services available.

Supports Car Demon’s multiple location feature and let’s you set up lists for each form location.

Car Demon Mail Chimp Settings


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