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Car Demon 1.5.0 released!

car-demon-1.5.0We’re excited to announce the release of Car Demon 1.5.0 and want to thank everyone who beta tested and provided feedback.

The most exciting new feature is an inventory shortcode you can drop in a page, [cd_inventory].

This new shortcode accepts year, make, model, condition, body_style, transmission, location, stock, criteria (keyword search), min_price, max_price, miles (searches vehicles with less than the mileage entered) & show_sold

You can also use the title parameter to add a title to the top of the listings.

You now have the ability to create a page that lists, for example, ford trucks;

[cd_inventory title="Ford Trucks" make="ford" body_style="truck"]

To give you even more power you can assign search forms to the page your shortcode is on and search just those items.

To make sure your search forms point to the correct result page you can set the result_page parameter for the search form widget or use it in the search form shortcode;

[search_form size=1 result_page="the url to your inventory shortcode page"]

In fact we’ve now made this the default on installation. New installs will create a page called ‘Inventory’ and drop both the search form and inventory shortcodes into it.

The default style is fairly plain, but if you’ve created a filter for your inventory items it will be applied here.


If you’d like a professional style we also offer the “Car Demon Pro Shortcode” plugin. Now you can quickly and easily add a professional  responsive inventory layout that you can color match to your theme.


Other changes include minor style changes, admin UI updates, performance tweaks and misc clean up and structuring.

We’ve tried to test it out as fully as possible, but with so many people using Car Demon in so many different ways there’s bound to be an issue or two. If you’ve recently updated and are having an issue please accept our apology and post a comment here so we can investigate the issue and issue patches as needed.

In closing we want to thank everyone for their continued support and look forward to many more updates!

Version 1.3.3 has been released

car-demons-1.3.1It’s been 10 months since that last update to Car Demon. The last year has been a busy one and we’ve worked hard on making lots of changes.

The biggest change is the new “Content Replacement” feature that makes Car Demon compatible with a much wider range of themes, right out of the box.

There have been lots of changes under the hood too. Hopefully those changes will only be noticed as an increase in speed and performance.

You might also notice that we’ve split from CarDemonsPro.com – they’re great people but it simply made better sense to take back control of the PlugIn so we can give it and the add-ons the full attention it deserves.

In closing we want to thank everyone for their support and look forward to bringing you even more wicked powers!