How do I use the shortcodes to include forms in my pages?

Shortcodes can be used without arguments and will display a radio selection to determine the location to send the form.

Shortcodes for [part_request], [service_request], [service_quote], [trade] & [finance_form] now have the optional argument “location” added to them.

The location argument accepts the name assigned to that form for the location you wish to send the form to and hides the radio selection.

For example, let’s say you have a location called “Our Used Car Lot” and you have two different part departments, one that handle domestic vehicle parts and one that handles imported vehicle parts.

You will need to create 2 locations “Our Used Car Lot Domestic” and “Our Used Car Lot Imports”, under contact settings you would enter a different name for Parts under both locations, ie “Domestic Parts” & “Import Parts”.

You can now use the part_request shortcode on two different pages and route each one to the correct department. Exp. [part_request location=”Domestic Parts”] and [part_request location=”Import Parts”]

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